Knowledge Management

Enterprises are what they know; hence their ability to manage and utilize their knowledge is of the utmost importance. The need for knowledge sharing and collaboration has been at the forefront of enterprise innovation; and the knowledge management toolkit has evolved in three dimensions: people, processes, and technology. We are experts in assisting our clients collect the data stored within their corporate databases and in their employees' experiences. We help our clients discover how the management and organization of both types of information can lead to business intelligence that is often key to developing a competitive edge. Additionally, we provide lifecycle Knowledge Management development services including:

  • Introduction to the Knowledge Management field
  • Planning and designing a Knowledge Management solution
  • Evaluating the existing or developed Knowledge Management system

Barquin International is the knowledge management training company. It has educated many executives and professionals throughout the private and public sectors. The firm has trained literally thousands of individuals, particularly in the Federal government. As an example, Barquin International (in a team with KAI) developed and has taught the Knowledge Management Foundations used by the U.S. Army as an integral part of AKM (Army Knowledge Management), its strategy to convert the Army into a net-centric, knowledge-based force. The firm has trained over 2,000 Army personnel in multiple major commands in three different continents. In addition, Barquin International has conducted knowledge management training at AARP, the Brookings Institution, the U.S. Navy, the Department of Justice, and to over 300 SES executives through a Department of Labor education series.