Press Releases

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture Streamlines Grant Oversight and Tracking

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2013 / PRWeb/ - Barquin International announced today its partnership with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in the development of the recently-launched Research, Education, and Extension Project Online Reporting Tool (REEport).   This integrated data collection, analysis and reporting application was successfully developed and deployed by NIFA to provide a singular, consistent method to support oversight and tracking of competitive and formula grant projects managed by the agency.

With an annual budget of more than $1.3 billion and a mission focused on promoting “exemplary agricultural science,” NIFA sought a practical method to leverage its information stores and grant data to ensure timely and accurate reporting on the status of essential primary science research it supports.  As its core mission, the agency seeks to stimulate study on food security and hunger, climate change, sustainable energy, childhood obesity, and food safety.

New at the Top: From Navy Expert to Business Leader

WASHINGTON, July 16, 2012 / Washington Post/ - As a child, I liked to tear things apart and put them back together. I knew that I would be in a technical field. I just didn’t know exactly where.

When I joined the Navy, it became apparent. I entered as a junior enlisted, and 24 years later made it all the way to the highest enlisted rank you could achieve — master chief, specializing in acoustic intelligence.

I was selected for a program at the Office of Naval Intelligence as a tactical adviser, where I supported submarine commanders that performed special operations. It was a highly specialized, elite group of individuals. Only 50 from the Navy were selected. The best part of the job was interacting with submarine crews in tactically touchy situations. I thrived in that environment.

Data Analytics Service Provider Barquin International Names Robert Willitts Chief Operating Officer

WASHINGTON, June 27, 2012 / PRWeb/ – Barquin International announced today that Robert Willitts has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer effective immediately.  As part of the leadership team, Willitts will provide direction and guidance for company operations and will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for programs and their management to ensure Barquin International continues to exceed the expectations of its customers through superior performance.  Mr. Willitts will also serve as liaison to the company’s partners and work with the Barquin International Advisory Board to keep them abreast of programmatic strategies and progress.

Open Source Found Successful in BI Project for National Institute of Food and Agriculture

CARY, N.C., February 1, 2011 – Autonomic Resources, an IT firm serving the U.S. federal government, reported today on the completion of an open source Business Intelligence (BI) implementation for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The implementation  was carried out by Barquin International using solutions from Jaspersoft, the world’s most widely used business intelligence platform, Infobright, the open source analytic database company, and Talend, a global open source software leader. Autonomic sells these BI Solutions licenses through its fast-growing open source store, making them readily available to federal agencies under the GSA schedule.