Leveraging the company’s unique skills and experience, Business Intelligence Explorer (BIx) was developed to provide customers with state-of-the art “Collaborative Business Intelligence” and "Collaborative Decision Making.” The company’s philosophy is that while “Business Intelligence” (BI) and “Dashboards” have become part of the business lexicon, the importance of empowering subject matter experts with integrated tools for in-depth data exploration and collaboration remains neglected. Barquin’s goal is to provide services and tools that enable analytics to deliver additional insight and understanding leading to a tangible return-on-investment.

BIx Background

BIx is an analytical software platform that provides a graphical and intuitive interface to allow users to access and manage aggregated information for decision support. BIx was specifically designed to meet the needs of federal agencies and is currently installed in several government organizations (USDA, Army, and GSA). Its objective is to empower enterprises to build and deploy time-critical Collaborative Business Intelligence (CBI) and Knowledge Management (KM) applications giving them “birds-eye” views and the ability to drill down to detail. It serves the needs of management, subject-matter experts and stakeholders in any organization by giving them ready access to valuable useful information promoting efficiency, decision-making and accountability.

The original version was conceptualized at USDA to develop dashboards and analytics solutions and subsequently other versions are now in use in public and private sector clients to track contracts, grants, programs, building, assets or other entities over time by priority, organization, subject area, or geographic location.

Each version of BIx is available in four modules that may be licensed individually or as a bundle to provide flexibility and responsiveness to various requirements and budgets. The modules are:

  • BIx Foundation. This module provides all of the major underpinnings and developer tools for rapidly building and deploying a powerful collaborative business intelligence capability including query building and exploring tools, searching on any entity listing, exporting tools, a metadata repository, sophisticated data visualizations, and a shareable repository with menu driven public-page features.
  • Advanced Visualizations. This module provides more advanced visualizations such as state Heat Maps, Pin mapping (Google Maps), and a Ruby-based geocoding utility that is easily adapted to any data record structure. Also included are advanced interactive timelines, matrix heat maps, bubble maps, Dorling Cartograms, and a subscription to our growing library of advanced visualizations that is updated quarterly.
  • Advanced Faceted Search. This module provides a state-of-the art combination of structured and text search features. Faceted search, i.e., “faceted browsing” or “faceted navigation,” allows search and browsing along any number of dimensions, thus narrowing down to items of interest. We also provide for the use of an organization’s tailored taxonomy, Soundex search, and saving, sharing, and retrieving results.
  • Enterprise Portal. This module provides an organization with an easily customizable, self-service or by-invitation-only registration portal. Any number of portal administrators can be assigned with automated workflow for user authorization, role assignment of users, creation and maintenance of sub-sites and stakeholder access. The Enterprise Portal is easily integrated with existing authentication systems such as Microsoft’s Active Directory or CA Siteminder. The Portal provides user-maintainable announcements, administrator- maintained forms for integrating other applications into the Portal, and site usage tracking.

BIx utilizes open-source philosophies and tools. It is built with the best components from Ruby on Rails (using Hobo extensions), Java, and JavaScript, and is adaptable to all of the major web servers, application servers, and database engines. This infrastructure provides the developer the state-of-the-art infrastructure for agile adaptation and maintenance.

BIx operates on a wide range of client and server configurations that conform to open system standards. A list of currently supported configurations is available from Barquin. Customers are invited to inquire about additional configurations that would meet the customer’s needs.